Business Aviation Support for Emergencies


Sky Hope Network

honors the 4th anniversary of the Haitian earthquake by highlighting the Business Aviation Airlift that assisted in relief efforts.  Follow us on Facebook to watch the story.


Sky Hope Network’s mission is simple:  Use the powerful network of Business Aviation to solve problems during emergencies and urgent situations.   Our work includes:

  1. Coordination of Business Aviation relief flights during both small and large scale emergencies.

  1. Coordination and referrals of flight requests for urgent or emergency situations through either Sky Hope’s own aircraft network or other flight charity organizations.

  1. Emergency assistance, both flight and non-flight related, for people in the Business Aviation community.


Welcome to Sky Hope Network

Can I make a difference?

What can one flight or one person can do...

    One flight can restore hope, deliver supplies or save a life.  We need volunteers to fly trips, coordinate trips and help manage our data.  Click here for more information on how to get involved.

Our general donation fund is supporting the effort to get pilot Bruce Shinneman home from Germany.  All donations through January 17th will support this fund.